Inspiration 101: Creating an office space you WANT to work in!

Recently, I looked around at my home office that once served as my son’s nursery and decided it was time to make it into a space I LOVED to work in. Once dark green(eh hem Philadelphia Eagles green, unfortunately, thanks to my husband!) it was now a bright, refreshing blue-green. So. Color? Check! Comfort? Check! But what was missing? I wasn’t sure. Enter Joan Law of Feng Shui Joan’s Way!

The best way to describe what Joan has done for me(she is a woman of many talents) is to take existing space and materials and repurpose them to make your home a place you can love. When I was growing up, I would reposition furniture in my shared bedroom often. It shook up the tiny space I actually owned in a house of 5 kids and in the days before Pinterest, gave me the ability to make my space cozy again.IMG_5883

A slight reposition of my desk to view it from the doorway but not in the path of the window, my necessary but not the cutest file drawers were relocated to not be seen from the door and, my view when standing both from the door and behind my desk was now my uplifting pieces of decor (both my accomplishments in business and my motto I repeat each time I leave my office).

Why is this so important? Well, for one, I work from home. I am either writing blog posts, working on my children’s book or running my skincare business. The space in which I work has to draw me in enough that I will not be tempted to work on the activities that often pull me like a magnet(laundry, dishes, cleaning up after my 2 young boys is ENDLESS)! When we can work in a space that welcomes us, it sets us up for success and mentally prepares us for the day. Think about it this way. If you were trying to cook in your kitchen but the countertops were covered in dirty dishes and leftovers, would you jump in and add to the mess and cook that beautiful pie or would you want to clean up first? Mentally prepare the space.

During really hectic times of the year, we can become SO focused on buying furniture,  and decor and so projects become much more complicated than they need to be. With Joan’s professional guidance, my office went from a place I worked because I HAD to, to a cozy, welcoming, and warm place to truly be inspired to write in and run my skincare business.

Find out more about Joan and her services check out Feng Shui Joan’s Way!