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A Mother’s Walk

I wasn’t prepared to love you more than the day you showed up in your own skin.

I wasn’t prepared to love you even after you made my patience wear thin.

I wasn’t prepared to have your smiles and your cries melt my heart and simultaneously make me weep.

I wasn’t prepared to want to kiss your sweet face, wipe your tears, and ease your pain.

I wasn’t prepared to feel the deep ache of sorrow when you experienced sadness deeper than my own.

I wasn’t prepared to put your needs in front of mine so simple and humane.

I wasn’t prepared to love any human so much that it kept me up at night and woke me before the morning light.

I wasn’t prepared for the shift in perspective, changing my plan ahead to think about the here and now.

I wasn’t prepared for the feeling of second guessing and the autonomy of knowing I was right. In my own world.

I wasn’t prepared for listening to the mere sound of your voices calling me mom while making me feel the sunshine, a warm blanket, and smell the scent of fresh baked cookies all at the same time.

I wasn’t prepared but it made me whole.

Short Verse, Uncategorized

The day I said goodbye to the life I THOUGHT I had….

8-5, 7-7, sometimes more, all for the sake of the 6-figure lure
Two by two the little ones came and then I realized the window panes
No longer my reflection, now my twins, I opened up the window and my life began
I said so long and packed my desk, never to return to that Outlook mess
You might say not me and you might say no, but I urge you to look at your TRUE long term growth
My ego set into place like a giant dust ball in a vacuum, getting myself in check so I could truly begin
My income became my vehicle and my words became my passion never realizing that my threads were so out of fashion
Do you hear these words, did you hear that sound?  Might be the last time it comes around.
Be open to the signs, don’t ignore the truth, you have way more control than you choose
Authentic Life.