Reset. Not just for power tools ya know

Day 1. It could be day 23,493 in reality. In life, we hardly give ourselves a break. We are usually browbeating ourselves subconsciously to do more without pausing to think that more needs to be less and that less needs to have a greater percentage of YOU in it. The term putting your oxygen mask on first was used recently in two different corners of my family’s life. Once when my son’s school principal gave her back to school welcome (a tough year last year with many illnesses in the school community and a tragic loss) and another when talking to a great friend who sensed my “shutting down” prior to my cancer scan. Scanxiety is real people. (I like to say that scan-agitation is too. I think I could have flipped a car over if it bugged me too much in the weeks leading up. Ha!)

What I do know is this. Moms run on empty. We get sick. Then the world seems to fall apart one list at a time. When is the last time you were asked last minute to do something as a family and you could say YES? Conduct a double check. Is your schedule jam-packed and do you find yourself sharing the “too busy” mantra like you damn near coined the phrase? Well, you didn’t and you don’t HAVE to be.

Your kids aren’t. You are.  We as moms have control over our families’ happiness, not society. Guess what? Little miss/mister thing will make Olympic gold if they choose to. Not because they are in enough activities to punch their childhood resume full. My son loves baseball and asked to play soccer as well which would have lined him up to be busy 4 days after school and the weekends. He says yes. I felt bad but then I remember back. Where is the downtime? Where is the 1:1 time I longed for when I opted out of a high paying job to focus on my home life.

Working as a full-time mom and entrepreneur made me realize that my kids aren’t a Google calendar. Cancer made me decide to do something about it, however, Melissa…Melissa took the action. Tomorrow I start Day 1 with yoga and then, well, I’m not sure what is next…Go find your reset button. It’s under there.

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