Vacay at 40 Looks Like This

So funny.  I took a vacation last week with my best friends, some of whom I’ve known since I was 5 years old – that’s 35 years of memories people!!) and started reflecting back on past vacations with the same group and then what future trips would look like.

The best part of the trip was how hard, how deeply and how genuinely I laughed.  When is the last time you laughed so hard you cried?  Think about it. LIKE PEE YOUR PANTS HARD!!  It is truly one of my most favorite sensations in life.  We recanted stories, even laughing at ourselves such as the time we went on a cruise in our early 20’s and my friends locked me in the cruise ship bathroom (we were literally in steerage so the bathrooms were the size of a porta potty and they also doubled as a shower!) and pretended the door was stuck.  They even faked calling security. I know, this sounds so messed up – why am I even friends with them still? I am because I can laugh at myself and when you can do that you set the playing field for fun pranks down the road(be warned you guys and ‘you’ know whom you are!) but also, the ability to laugh at yourself.

There was the time Sarah and I bought fart putty at the Orlando airport after we encountered a 5-hour flight delay.  We had spent the weekend in Disney, celebrating her bachelorette, because she was 30 and wanted to experience Disney before she had kids.  We decided to sneak up on our friend Jen who was quietly sitting in the airport, reading a book and out the putty into ‘action’. Jen was mortified and well, the rest is history. Yep, peed my pants.

When we vacation together, we all take on a role and it’s interesting to see how it could have been a year since our last trip and yet we still just immediately settle into our respective roles.  We can count on Beth to keep us from getting lost and be the voice of reason, Sarah will always get on the dance floor with me, and Jen will always be the girl making sure there is a cocktail in our hands and that our whereabouts are accounted for via Social Media (have you checked us in YET Jen??). Our trip, this time, included our friends Linda and Chris – two other longtime friends and we all fell right in step.

Cheers to our 40th year my friends (and watch your back guys, payback is still on its way…)!

(Cross posted to Suburban Misfit Mom http://suburbanmisfitmom.com/fart-putty-to-facebook-check-ins-vaca-at-40/ on 10/24/2016)

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