Skincare tips for subzero temps!

The polar vortex is upon us in New England and elsewhere you could also be feeling a chill! So what does this mean for your skin and how can you better protect it this winter?

❄️ Lay OFF the intense exfoliating schedule. Yes, exfoliating is still necessary but limit it to 1x/week and if your skin is dry you may need moisture first.
💦 Hydrate. Just like our bodies, your skin (your largest organ) needs hydration during these winter months. Running a humidifier at night in addition to adding a Hydration Serum to your skincare routine will make a difference.
⏳Head to bed a bit greasy. At nighttime, apply your moisturizer to your hands and feet. I like to layer on a bit of coconut oil as well to lock in the moisture!
👉🏻Your skin changes. Personally, I need a few weeks of Soothe this time of year. This is normal to have changes in your skincare routine. The nice thing about RF is that I am here to tailor your routine, for you!
🌞 Sunscreen is STILL important! Just because the air is cold, doesn’t mean the sun isn’t still giving off rays!

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