Boot Camp + Survival 101 = Parenting

39C61B18-8904-42B1-A115-A4C597076837Let me explain the joy of having kids…It’s someone telling that you that you won the lotto but then they flushed the ticket down the toilet.

It’s getting all comfy on the couch and then someone keeps ringing your doorbell and doesn’t stop.

It’s getting all dressed up in that awesome white linen sundress to head out on an adults only adventure and your son runs around the corner, hands out, covered in chocolate pudding. Right. Onto. Your. Dress.

It’s thinking that you own your life and then you get autocorrected (by your 8 year old).

It’s assurance that you won’t ever sleep again. Not in the way that you did before kids. Go on, tell yourself you will but you won’t. My mom jokes she stills stays up but instead of waiting, she’s thinking of us and worrying.

It’s thinking you have it all figured out one second and then you get handed the flu diagnosis, your calendar reminder pops up for those 30 goody bags youhave to make, and your car just ran out of gas. Oh and there are no snacks left for lunch because the kids ate them all while you were trying to book that appointment.

It’s chugging to the top of a mountain, anxiously awaiting that beautiful, easy ride on the way down and then the brakes gets stuck.

It’s all the most challenging, gut wrenching highs and lows in your life you could ever possibly imagine with the sweetest, “I love you’s” meeting you at the end of every day. Those are what I live for.

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